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Grant funding coming to Straddleline ORV Park

June 11, 2014

The Recreation and Conservation Office announced more than $1.3 million in grants will go to fix and restore trails to 31 projects that spans 17 counties. This includes $20,530 for Grays Harbor to maintain the Straddleline ORV Park Trails and Campground.

“These grants help get trails ready for hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, off-road vehicle riders, and others in the summer” said Kaleen Cottingham, RCO director. “Without these grants many trails would be closed because of fallen trees and hazardous conditions.”

Grays Harbor will use this grant to maintain 15 miles of trails and handle backlogged maintenance issues on about 50 acres of the campground. The County will clear trails, remove overgrown brush, repair water drainage, fix trail surfaces, and install signs during the next 2 years. The County will also use the grant to buy a mini excavator and other equipment. The 155-acre park serves about 25,000 motorized vehicle users annually.

Grays Harbor County will contribute $52,500 in donated labor from the Seattle Motorcycle Club, Gallerdo Dirt Maffia, and Puget Sound Enduro Riders.

The trail grants are from the federally-funded Recreational Trails Program, as well as projects to educate trail users about protecting the environment and having a safe experience. Funding comes from federal gasoline taxes attributed to recreational, non-highway uses.

“The competition for these grants is very high,” Cottingham said. “That means that only the best projects get funded.”

For more information on the agency or its grant programs, visit the Web site: http://www.rco.wa.gov.

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