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PUD approves Harbor Paper waste water demolition contract

June 12, 2014

The Grays Harbor PUD has approved a contract which will allow for the demolition of the Harbor Paper waste water treatment facility at no cost to the District or its customers.

On Tuesday, the PUD approved a contract with Hero Demolition LLC for the demolition and removal of the buildings and equipment that make-up the facilities wastewater treatment plant. The contract will allow Hero Demolition to take possession of and remove all salvageable materials in lieu of payment.

“I am thrilled that we were able to reach this agreement,” said Commission President Russ Skolrood. “This contract will allow the PUD to continue to meet its obligation to clean this portion of the Harbor Paper site and to do it without absorbing costs which could impact our customers.”

The demolition work will include the removal of all the wastewater treatment facilities buildings and structures, including the primary clarifier, three secondary clarifiers, solids pumping station building, secondary treatment pump house, and the aeration blower building. The company will also remove all mechanical equipment, piping, electrical, roofing, siding, and wood materials.

Under its agreement with Rayonier Properties, LLC, the PUD is obligated to clean and remove the facility’s water treatment system and remove solid byproducts including piles of bark/rock mixture, sand ash and boiler grate material. PUD staff is working to fulfill those responsibilities in a way that meets their obligations while having the least possible impact on the PUD’s customers.


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