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Local beaches receive A+ rating for pollution

June 13, 2014

In efforts to keep anyone visiting local beaches healthy as they head to the shore this summer, environmental group Heal the Bay will be issuing water quality grades for over 200 beach monitoring locations in Washington and Oregon throughout the beach season.

So far, Grays Harbor beaches have ranked an A+ rating. 9 beach access areas on the South Beach have been tested so far, all receiving an A+.

Ocean users in the Northwest generally enjoy very good water quality, according to Heal the Bay’s online Beach Report Card, which grades shorelines along the entire western coast of the United States each week based on levels of bacterial pollution. However, troubling pockets of pollution still dot the coastline throughout the year.

Beachgoers can check updated weekly grades each Friday at beachreportcard.org. Heal the Bay provides this online database as a free public service. You can find out which beaches are safe and unsafe, check recent water quality history and look up details on beach closures.

In the latest weekly report, all Washington monitoring locations are earning A grades during dry weather. However, there are 10 monitoring locations at three beaches in the state closed due to pollution-related issues: a sewage spill, dairy waste discharge to a creek, and one unknown cause of elevated bacteria in marine waters.

None of these closures impact Grays Harbor or Pacific County.

The full annual report on Oregon and Washington beach water quality can be found at:http://www.healthebay.org/sites/default/files/pdf/BRC_2014_WEB_.pdf

Beach Report Card

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