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Unemployment rate increases in May

June 25, 2014

The Grays Harbor unemployment rate increased between April and May, up from the adjusted rate of 9.7% to 10.5%.

Compared to previous years, the rates have been dropping steadily, from 12.0% in May 2013 and 12.8% in 2012. Although, while the rate has dropped, so has the overall labor force.

In preliminary numbers, the current civilian labor force sits at 26,810, up 250 workers from April, but -800 from May 2013. Total unemployment sits at 2,800. In 2009, the labor force was at its peak of the last 25 years in at 31,620.

Looking back, current labor force and employment numbers resemble May, 1998 when we had 26,750 in the labor force and 24,510 employed. At that time, there were approximately 600 people less who were unemployed, and the rate was 8.4%.


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