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Man arrested after firing shotgun at Travelodge

June 28, 2014

2 streets in Aberdeen were shut down this morning. One for the Founders’ Day Parade, and one because a man fired a shotgun off inside a room at the Travelodge.

Aberdeen Police tell KXRO that this morning around 5:20 am, a man and a woman were inside a room at the motel when a shotgun was fired.

According to the woman, during a conversation the man brought out the shotgun. When the shot was fired, she was able to get to the motel lobby unhurt and report it to police.

Aberdeen PD, with assistance from Hoquiam and Cosmopolis Police, and the regional Crisis Response Unit (CRU) arrived and closed off Wishkah.

Using the new APD armored vehicle, police were able to block the entrance to the room and use a loudspeaker to contact the man.

The man came out of the room without incident and was taken into custody for Assault 1 and booked into jail.

Police have re-opened the street and are continuing the investigation.


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