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Wishkah party turns violent, attacker passes out

July 1, 2014

–UPDATE – Additional Details and Clarification – 12:28–

A party in Wishkah turned violent; sending a woman to the hospital after her throat was cut.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department told KXRO that Deputies were called to Johnson Road after a 51 year old woman’s throat was “slashed” and she was taken to Gray Harbor Community Hospital. They were told that the man who cut her was still at the home.

Deputies were sent to both the home and the hospital, and at the home found a 22 year old man who lived next door and friends with the suspect who told them that the man was still inside the home.

According to him, following a party at the house and after everyone else had left, the suspect attacked both the woman and the neighbor with a knife.

The 51 year woman sustained a significant cut to her throat before the suspect attacked the neighbor. When the woman’s husband heard the noise, he and the neighbor were able to stop any more attacks and subdue the man. That’s when the suspect passed out.

The husband immediately took his wife to the hospital and met deputies. The cut to her throat was significant, and surgery was performed. The neighbor also had a number of cuts, but did not need medical attention.

Deputies arrested the 25 year old Aberdeen man, who was extremely intoxicated and had to be taken to the hospital before being booked into jail.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office told KXRO that it appears that the attack was unprovoked and without notice.

The suspect is currently in the Grays Harbor County Jail on two counts of Assault 1st degree.

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