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Aberdeen man arrested with illegal knife and suspected heroin

July 2, 2014

An Aberdeen man was arrested this week after police caught him with what looked like black tar heroin.

According to Aberdeen Police, an officer stopped a man for riding his bike illegally near the Thunderbird Hotel.

The officer asked for ID and the man showed him, but held it upside down. When the officer tried to take the ID to read it, the man tried to pull it back and when the officer was able to see it he saw a wad of brown substance stuck on the front. It appeared to be black tar heroin.

The man was arrested and the officer saw more brown residue on his fingernails. When the man opened his hands, he found a larger piece of what also looked like heroin to the officer.

The 41 year old Aberdeen man was arrested and booked into the City of Aberdeen jail for Possession of Heroin and Possession of a Dangerous weapon as he had a butterfly knife along with the suspected heroin.

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