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5th of July brings bomb squad to Ocean Shores

July 7, 2014

Saturday morning, an explosive that was definitely not bought at a fireworks stand brought the bomb squad to Ocean Shores.

Ocean Shores Police Chief Mike Styner tells KXRO that a guest at the Shilo Inn found 2 explosives on his back bumper when he returned to his truck. He moved them next to a trash can and notified hotel staff. A maintenance worker placed a bucket over them and called 911.

The Ocean Shores Police and Fire Departments responded and found that the 2 PVC pipes were sealed at both ends and were around 5 inches long.

The area was cordoned off and the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was called in. WSP bomb technicians took both of the homemade bombs to a remote location and destroyed them.

OSP says that both pipes were “sparkler bombs” that appear to have misfired, and whoever made them just left them on the truck’s bumper.

There are no suspects.

Bomb Squad

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