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Cosmopolis considers replacing police with Sheriff’s deputies

March 20, 2014 Comments off

The City of Cosmopolis has joined Westport in beginning discussions about the possibility of using the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office instead of local police.

At a workshop before their regular city council meeting last night, Sheriff Rick Scott spoke to the council and explained why other municipalities have done away with city police, saying the main reason was funding.

Both Scott and the council members said that Cosmopolis already has a well trained and effective police force, and that this conversation has nothing to do with staffing, but it is about the cost of operation.

Police Chief Casey Stratton said that they already have a good working relationship with the Sheriff’s Office, and at this time they are not in need of financial cuts.

If the conversation continues, a public meeting would be held for Cosmopolis residents.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department already contracts with the city of Oakville, providing a presence of 40 hours a week plus a deputy within “5-10 minutes” of the town at any given time for regular calls.

City of Cosmopolis

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