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No new leads in Oakville robbery

April 9, 2014 Comments off

Following the reported robbery to the Green Harbour Co-op, the GHSO says that at this point, we have no new information.

While there are a number of surveillance cameras in the business, the owner said there were no cameras in the area where the suspects apparently entered, or the room where the safe was located.


Robbery at marijuana business leads to school lockdown

April 8, 2014 Comments off

A medicinal marijuana business was robbed this morning, leading to a lockdown of Oakville School.

Shortly after 9 am, the owner of Green Harbour Co-Op says that as he was opening the business for the day, 2 men wearing ski masks held what is believed to be a weapon to his back, and demanded money and product.

When the owner gave the men what they wanted, they fled the area, heading north.

The owner said both men were wearing ski masks, and one of them was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

Oakville School was locked down as a precaution.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Gray Harbor Dispatch Center at 360-533-8765 or the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department investigations unit at 360-964-1731.


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Retail marijuana license lottery announced for this month

April 2, 2014 Comments off

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor Control Board have approved a lottery that will select the applicants for marijuana retail licenses that may move forward. The independent, double-blind process will take place April 21-25, and will produce a list of applicants that the agency will use to continue its retail licensing process. The agency expects to begin issuing retail licenses no later than the first week of July.

Initiative 502 directed the WSLCB to limit the number of marijuana retail stores by county.

In its rules, the WSLCB limited the number of stores statewide to 334. The most populated cities within each county are allotted a maximum number of stores with the remainder at large within the county.

Grays Harbor is allowed 6 retail locations total; 1 in Aberdeen, 1 in Hoquiam, 1 in Ocean Shores, and 3 others in other areas. Only 2 stores are allowed in Pacific County.

The rules state that if the WSLCB receives more applications for a jurisdiction than there are stores allocated the state would use a lottery process for producing a ranked order of applicants.

Both counties have 25 applications pending according to the WSLCB. At least half of the locations listed for Grays Harbor have either backed out, are under citywide blockages, or have addresses within 1000 feet of a park.

Being identified as the apparent successful applicant is not a guarantee that the selected applicant will receive a license. There are multiple requirements for licensure such as the applicant must pass a criminal history and financial investigation as well as have a location that is not within 1,000 feet of a school, park or other area specified by Initiative 502 as places where children congregate.

The WSLCB began pre-qualifying applicants for the lottery the weekend of Feb. 21-23. WSLCB licensing staff is currently reviewing pre-qualifying packets.

Initial estimates of returned packets show that despite repeated notices and reminders to applicants, roughly 25 percent did not return the required documents at all. Of the returned packets, anywhere between 20-50 percent are incomplete, thus disqualifying them from the retail lottery.

The WSLCB is expected to post the ordered list of applicants for each jurisdiction in the public records section of the agency website on May 2, 2014.


Effort to block marijuana from Downtown Aberdeen voted against

March 27, 2014 Comments off

The Aberdeen City Council passed the first reading of their Marijuana business zoning at last night’s meeting and turned down a proposed amendment to it as well.

The council brought the bill to the floor for its first reading and Councilwoman Kathi Hoder made a motion to amend the bill by removing the marijuana retail businesses from the downtown zones. Hoder said it was not what she wanted for downtown Aberdeen.

“If we’re going to put all this money in downtown, we’ll have this business, but we don’t need it downtown.” said Hoder.

Councilwoman Margo Short said that it would also be easier to authorize the businesses in the commercial zones later if everything worked out well.

Short said, “If we put it out in the industrial/light industrial areas…if it works out fine. And after the initial hurrahs and everything get by and the legislature comes along with everything they’re going to do, if we decide we want it downtown then we can move it downtown. If we have it downtown, we’re not going to move it back out.”

Councilman Pete Schave said that not only was it the will of the people, but that it is not unlike other businesses that have been in the area before, saying

“Say it moved into the old liquor store downtown. What’s the difference? that was a perfectly legitimate, controlled, highly regulated, operated liquor store for years, and it’s a highly visible area. What’s the difference?”

The amendment was voted down 9 to 3 with Short, Hoder, and Councilwoman Alice Phelps voting for it.

The first reading was then passed with the only no vote coming from Short.


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Hoquiam ban on marijuana business moves back to City Council

March 20, 2014 Comments off

The City of Hoquiam continued their discussion today about their possible ban of marijuana business within city limits, but this time with the Land Use Hearing Examiner.

Eric Toews met with City Planner Josh Beach, City Administrator Brian Shay, and the 3 community members in attendance this morning to discuss the impacts that a recent decision made by the Hoquiam City Council would have on the city.

Toews said, his recommendation is not the final say on the matter. His recommendation will be sent onto the City Council for the final decision.

In January, the planning commission recommended the city change their Municipal Code, requiring Marijuana producers, processors, and retailers to be located in Industrial Zoned areas. The City Council restricted the industry even more, banning the businesses within the city “until such time as Federal law is amended to permit the growing, distribution and possession of marijuana”.

Hoquiam resident Dave Forbes commented to staff, that he feels the city is going too far. “I don’t have any problem with marijuana one way or another. This ordinance though looks like it’s over-reach big time.”

Forbes said that they City should not make decisions that contradict Washington law, saying that state law would handle any issues that may come up if the city is out of line.

Forbes added that with low attendance at the public hearing, the reason was lack of public notice.

The City of Hoquiam did post an announcement on their website and announced it at the City Council meeting prior to today.

Toews has 14 days to make his recommendation to the city, and at that time another public hearing will be held. The city will post information prior to that meeting, alerting the public.

Marijuana Hoquiam

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August 15, 2011 Comments off

The Hoquiam Police Department on Saturday morning conducted a routine traffic stop that produced “several thousand dollars” worth of narcotics and paraphernalia.

Sergeant Shane Krohn tells KXRO at 1:51 Saturday morning, Hoquiam Police stopped a 1993 Saturn and arrested the driver, a 28 year old Cosmopolis Man, for having a suspended license and the vehicle was impounded.

Four passengers in the car with the 28 year old, all from Grays Harbor, asked officers on scene numerous times to access the trunk before it was impounded. The car was registered to an owner from Oregon, and because the owner could not provide permission the passengers were not granted access.

The passengers continued to request access to the trunk from the tow truck driver. Hoquiam Police filed a search warrant and with the assistance from the Grays Harbor Sherriff K9 Unit was alerted to the trunk where a safe was found. Inside the safe, Hoquiam Police discovered suspected narcotics including heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and pills. Also inside police found a laptop, cash, silver certificates, collector currency, jewelry, as well as scales and drug packaging materials.

The Cosmopolis man was cited and released. The investigation is ongoing.

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