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All local school levies currently passing

February 13, 2014

Following the latest count of Grays Harbor election ballots, all school levies are currently passing.

An Oakville levy was failing by 9 votes on election night, but according to new numbers is now ahead by a single vote, 207-206. In addition to Grays Harbor, additional votes are included from Lewis County.

The Elma stadium bond is still being rejected by over 100 votes, 998-882. This bond also includes Mason County voters who live within the district. The only precinct within the city that approved the bond was Precinct 302, which contains the schools.

At this time, all school levies are passing by at least a 60% majority, minus Oakville and Mary M Knight. A Lake Quinault school levy is currently passing with a 73% majority.

The next ballot count is scheduled for Wednesday, with votes scheduled to be certified on February 25.


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