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A little smoke causes a big alarm on Heron Street

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Traffic has been returned to normal following smoke reported on Heron Street this evening.

Battalion Chief Troy Palmer told KXRO that a call came in just after 5 pm about smoke and an orange glow above Harbor Shoes. When crews arrived, they found the smoke coming from the Rock Construction roof.

According to Palmer, the owner of the business had built a small fire and set the billows before closing the business. When smoke built up, it began to come through an opening in the roof.

There were no injuries. Both Rock Construction and Affordable Appliances on the other side of the wall from the fire saw no damage beyond smoke.




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No free taxi for majority of Grays Harbor

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Despite multiple social networks claiming otherwise, the AAA Tipsy Tow program is not available in Grays Harbor or Washington in general.

While not a nationwide program, a number of AAA clubs offer safe ride services on select dates for members and nonmembers.

This service is not available everywhere.

AAA strongly encourages motorists to pick a designated driver before they head out for any holiday celebrations.

Locally, both Harbour Taxi and Yellow Cab say that no programs are being offered for this year.

North Coast Taxi in Ocean Shores is offering free rides within the city limits of Ocean Shores beginning at 5 pm. North Coast will pick you up at your home, your hotel, or local business and take you to a local bar, restaurant or house party.


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Top Ten Local Stories of 2013

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In the past year, we have posted over 1500 stories online related specifically to Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, and reported hundreds more on radio alone.

Online, these stories combined for over 2.5 million views.

Thank you to our listeners and readers for using us as your source for local news.

Within the last year, many stories have garnered attention. From a standoff to a whale to Transformers being filmed in our own back yard, we have compiled a list, combined with staff input and votes from listeners, of the stories that impacted residents the most.

Local Top Stories

1. Hoquiam Standoff: The over 20 hour standoff began when a man by the name of Ray Mahailovich shot Hoquiam officer Jeff Salstrom as a warrant was being served, and ended when the man came out of the home shooting at a tactical unit before being shot at the scene.

2. Lake Quinault Closure: The Quinault Indian Nation closed the lake to all non-tribal fishing in April, before closing it to ALL non-tribal activities in June of this year, citing unsafe conditions due to non-tribal residents and visitors.

3. Harbor Paper Closure: Elliot Rust, LLC announced that Harbor Paper would begin hiring in August of 2012. In February, Harbor Paper cut back operation to adjust management. Despite announcing a full restart in April, no sign of activity had been seen at the mill since. Last month, it was announced the facility would go up for auction.

4. Dead infant found in Ocean Shores: In April, police agencies from throughout Grays Harbor were on scene in Ocean Shores after the baby was found in a vacant lot on Fisher Ave. A woman was walking her dog when she noticed a rag hanging from a tree. When she went over to look at the vacant lot, she saw what appeared to be the body of an infant on the ground. The child’s mother and father were both charged.

5. Whale found on Ocean City beach: An Ocean Shores Police Officer a 68-foot male fin whale, 4 miles north of Ocean Shores.

Cascadia Research Collective’s John Calambokidis says the whale had evidence of blunt force trauma.

6. Junction City hit and run death: On December 3rd, a woman’s body was found in Junction City, likely due to a hit-and-run. Identified as Katrina Rugg, officers are still looking for a Chevrolet Van, and could range in year from 2003-2011, with damage to the passenger side headlight and passenger side mirror believed to be responsible.

7. Hoquiam K9 Enno Put to Sleep: Enno’s long battle with cancer ended in Feburary of this year. Hoquiam Police Sergeant Jeff Salstrom said that he made the decision to put Enno to sleep after days of declining health. Salstrom said that “it was time”.

Enno’s treatments for a rapidly growing malignant tumor began in October of last year. This was a tumor that ended his career as a police K9.

Enno was officially “retired” in a Proclamation by the City Council on January 14.

8. Transformers film at Satsop Business Park: Paramount Pictures announced they were looking for local residents to fill roles in the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction when they filmed in October at the Satsop Business Park. The film will be released on June 27, when we will get to see how many local residents made it into the final cut.

9. JCPenney closes in Aberdeen: Longtime South Shore Mall tenant JCPenney closed their store on August 3rd. Aberdeen was one of six stores nationwide slated to close in August.

10. Mother’s dead body found near car with daughter inside: In August, a resident walking along a beach in Grayland found a woman’s body on the beach and the woman’s 8-year-old daughter alive inside a car, surrounded by the tide. The girl was not injured.

“Come As You Are” sign will stay as it is
Teddy Bryan receives maximum sentence for Favro murder
D&R Theatre closes
A man. A sword. A bus station.
Man arrested for drug charges brings drugs to court
“Weapons of Mass Destruction” trucks seen in Ocean Shores
Hoquiam featured on Jeopardy!


Top 10

Debris hotline shuts down today

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The 1-855-WACOAST state hotline set up for reporting marine debris will be taken off-line today.

The hotline was set up by the state’s Marine Debris Task Force to respond to large or hazardous marine debris items as well as any increases in nonhazardous debris.

Terry Egan, the state’s Task Force lead, said: “We have not had a major marine debris incident in almost a year, and the overall amount of debris we saw on our beaches in 2013 also decreased. The hotline hasn’t been getting calls, so it makes sense to suspend it. The state’s response plan was set up to conserve resources when it makes sense to do so, and that’s what we are doing here.”

People will still be able to report hazardous marine debris – such as gas cans, cylinders and oil drums – 24 hours a day to 1-800-OILS-911.

Residents are urged to continue reporting nonhazardous marine debris that’s suspected to be from the tragic 2011 Japan tsunami via email to NOAA requests people include photographs and any identifying information, when possible, as well as the specific location of the debris.”

The Task Force will remain intact in 2014.


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Changes come to Pacific County Sheriff’s Office

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Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson announced changes this week to the Sheriff’s Office command staff including a retirement, promotion, and new appointment.

In November, Chief Civil Deputy Debbie Allison, employed by Pacific County in excess of 30 years, announced she would retire effective today. Sheriff Johnson expressed his appreciation of Allison’s years of service and work ethic, stating that he values her attitude and principles, always treating issues as if they were her personal responsibility with the intent to work in the interest of the taxpayer and citizen safety.

With the retirement of Deputy Allison, Sheriff Johnson has appointed Denise Rowlett as Chief Deputy. Rowlett has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for over 14 years serving as Deputy Director of Emergency Management since 2008.

Sheriff Johnson has appointed Scott McDougall to fill the position of Deputy Director of Emergency Management. McDougall joins the office with previous experience in the fire service as well as Pacific County Fair Manager.

The Sheriff added that he wishes Allison the best in her retirement, and is looking forward to leading the command staff team with those in new roles as we approach 2014.


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Richrod will return on Aberdeen City Council

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The Aberdeen City Council had an empty fifth ward seat and at last night’s meeting they had two choices to fill the position, Alan Richrod, who had filled the seat after the death of former councilman John Erak and lost to the late Erak in the election, and William Simpson, the son of Mayor Bill Simpson.

William Simpson was nominated by Councilman Pete Schave and Richrod was nominated by Councilman Jim Cook. Cook stated that he thought the right choice was for Richrod partially because he ran for the seat in the election.

Multiple council members spoke on how both candidates were highly qualified and said that the decision would be a tough one. Richrod received six votes to William Simpson four and was appointed to the seat for the next two years.


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PUD outage in Quinault

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Grays Harbor PUD crews are reporting that a car accident on the South Shore Road in Quinault has resulted in a broken pole and an outage affecting approximately 50 customers in that area.

Customers can expect an extended outage that may go well into mid-morning while additional crews respond to the area to make repairs.


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